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Launchpad Pro Controller

Why do I need a MIDI controller?

You need a controller if you want to play instruments in your DAW, and really feel what you're playing.
A mouse is ok for making music but if you want to do multiple things at once you need a controller.

If you want to play drums in real time, a controller makes a world of difference - have fun clicking each drum hit with a mouse...

Ever wondered how people seem to manipulate their sounds so easily?
You need a controller to change more than one parameter at once, too.

Why do I need a grid controller?

A grid's laid out like Ableton Live’s clips and scenes.
What's Ableton Live?

You can perform your Ableton session using loops and clips in real time, and easily see where everything is.

You can play scenes - rows of clips or loops all at once, maybe for whole sections of a track, e.g. intros, drops etc.

So what does Launchpad Mini do?

Launchpad Mini has the core integration with Ableton Live. Like Launchpad, just smaller.

It is the best supported by third party devices and plugins - different DAW's, or even your iPhone or iPad.

Launchpad is the only grid controller in its class to support playing Drum Rack in Ableton Live as well as clip launch - you can build beats from scratch or use loops and samples all from the same device. Launchpad Mini shares this functionality in a compact package. It's almost pocketable, if your pockets measure at least 19cm x 19cm.

So why would I want a full-size Launchpad?

It has all of the same functionality of Mini but with full RGB colour pads so what you see on Launchpad matches your clips on screen exactly, not just in placement.

The bigger pads are also easier to play for clips and Drum Rack, particularly if you plan to perform your tracks live.

The pads are a new design and have an improved feel, too. As soon as you hit them, you'll know what we mean.

Launchpad allows you to create incredible lightshows. The Mini is no slouch, but the full-size Launchpad's bigger grid and full RGB padsare something else.
What is RGB?

What makes the Launchpad Pro the best?

Launchpad Pro is the easiest way to take full control of Ableton Live.

The pads are velocity sensitive, which allows you to add expression and feel to your playing and drumming. It picks up how hard you've hit the pads, basically. The other two do not do this.

Pressure sensitivity allows use of mono or polyphonic aftertouch control. Where velocity sensitivity means it detects how hard you hit the pad, pressure sensitivity allows you to press softer and harder to create extra effects.

Launchpad Pro gains 16 extra function buttons which provide hands-on functional control of Live. Who needs a mouse?

There's more

Launchpad Pro's Note Mode brings chromatic control to playing any instruments. The grid layout can totally change how you play notes construct chords, opening up a totally fresh tonic palette.

Introducing touch sensitive parameter control. Launchpad Pro features a mappable velocity responsive fader mode. Hit the fader level hard, the level increases instantly. Hit it softer and level increases gradually. Use this to add dynamic crossfade or effects mixes to your performances.

Launchpad Pro works as a MIDI interface with MIDI in and out - plug your other MIDI devices in and you have instant USB MIDI access.

Standalone mode means you can control all your other hardware without a computer. Try plugging Pro straight into your synths or drum machine and use Note or Drum modes for a new playing experience.

Launchpad Pro's firmware is open source. Anyone can reprogram and repurpose the firmware which makes for exciting future development.