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User-created patches for our award-winning hardware synthesisers

Sam Camero
Samuel Cameron

33 patches including some basic guitar effect patches which require the arp to be triggered
to start the envelope.
I may provide more documentation later but basically I have tried to keep the distortion
and overdrive down in the designing of them. You would be better to stick a min i guitar pedal in
line of your output for those features to be honest. Stick a delay one in also and buy
a two sided jack so you do not need a cable. Makes it a lot better.
I resisted having any effects on while making these patches so as not to be seduced
by the already sounds too good problem.
I have also tried to leave the settings at a point where tweaks to filter cut etc produce
quite dramatic results.
Sorry that these are numbered in a random sort of way. The naming corresponds to where they were in my machine as I have used midi-ox in windows xp and the librarian software does not work in xp and i was not in the mood for may machine to recommence copulating with a windows
7 machine in the house.

Upload Date: February 13 2017
TONAL AXiS Bass Station 2 patches
Richard Hider TONAL AXiS

A collection of 45 Bass Station 2 patches. Enjoy!

Upload Date: April 14 2016
Pit Capasso BSII BANK Vol. 1/2
Pit Capasso

".. aspiring Italian sound designer, music producer and all-round nice guy Pit Capasso won our ‪#‎NovationVibrations‬ Instagram competition for his creative work with Novation synths. To show his appreciation for his brand new KRK 10S, Pit has decided to share some of his personal Bass Station II patches with us.." -

Upload Date: December 08 2015
Bass Station 2 patches Vol 3 by JM
Jamie Morden

A further set of patches from me, this time 30 in total. I used the Librarian for these and are included as individual files. As usual, all the changes in the patches are assigned to Aftertouch and the Mod Wheel.

Upload Date: January 26 2015



Upload Date: November 26 2014

Hello! Im use Bass Station 2 with Alesis midiverb4(effect processor) and Ni Maschine, all midi sync !

Alesis Midiver4 Patches for use with Bass Station 2_AF_Pressets_2014_

Upload Date: November 26 2014
Nutrinoland - 56 Bassstation 2 Patches
Upload Date: September 09 2014
Nutrinoland - 56 Bassstation 2 Patches

56 Bassstation 2 Patches - A variety of Patches - Bass - Leads - Pads - Drones -FX

Upload Date: September 02 2014
Beautiful Cello
Christian Meyer

This is best played non stacatto, allowing each envelope to decay away before pressing the next key.

Upload Date: August 18 2014
Beautiful Cello
Christian Meyer

A slow Cello patch to be played slowly and legato.

Upload Date: August 11 2014
EDM Lead 1 (Daim)

Punchy EDM lead :)

Upload Date: June 03 2014
Bass Station 2 Patches 27-52 by JM
Jamie Morden

27_Soft Lead-JM
28_Slide Lead2-JM
29_Slide Lead3-JM
30_Deep House Bass-JM
31_Not In The Moog-JM
33_Hold Her Down-JM
34_1970 Laser-JM
35_BS2 Signature-JM
36_Pulse Lead_JM
37_Chewing Gum-JM
38_A Wheel Arp-JM
39_Wow-A Moog-JM
40_Drone Lead-JM
41_Bass Sweep-JM
42_Ear Piercing-JM
43_Death From Above-JM
44_Bloody Horrible-JM
45_Digital Bass-JM
46_Digital Bass2-JM
47_Sub Bass-JM
48_Funky Arp-JM
49_Really Horrible-JM
50_Bassline Arp-JM
51_Digital Keys-JM
52_Take Cover-JM

Upload Date: April 17 2014
Bass Station 2 Patches 1-26 by JM
Jamie Morden

01_Bass Roller-JM
02_Horror Stab-JM
03_Mad Moog-JM
04_Fuzzy Lead-JM
05_A Day In The Life-JM
06_Wah Bass-JM
07_Slide Lead-JM
08_Funky Bass-JM
09_Electric Field-JM
10_Rip Saw-JM
11_Noisy Funk Lead-JM
12_Funk Lead-JM
13_5th Overflow-JM
14_Screaming Mod-JM
15_High Pass Lead-JM
16_Syncing Feeling-JM
17_4 Play-JM
18_Mellow Tri-JM
19_Cheap Moog-JM
20_Lead or Bass-JM
21_Arp de Triomphe-JM
22_Static Lead-JM
23_Static Bass-JM
24_Tubeway Lead-JM
25_Release Me-JM
26_Ring Me-JM

Upload Date: April 17 2014
Outside Da Cluuuuuub

this is a funny one. just arp and latch tempo at 40 and pretend your waiting in line to get in! XP

Upload Date: February 11 2014
Low Octave Explorer

This one is similar to Octave Explorer, but it is slowed down even more in the low octaves to get some neat sounds!

Upload Date: February 11 2014
Helicopter Sound Effects

Arp & latch a note and set tempo at around 190. adjust the tempo along with the lfo 2 depth to get some realistic chopper sound effects. you can also adjust the filter if needed but you shouldn't need to much. I recommend headphones to get the best effect. See if you can land it!!!! lol

Upload Date: February 11 2014
The Swarm

Stop running. Its already too late.

Upload Date: February 11 2014
Octave Explorer (Sound Effects)

Try all the octaves, each one sounds different!

Upload Date: February 11 2014
Massive Vocal Yeeeaaahhhh

heres a fat tweak my friend did with the Vocal Yeeeeaaahhh preset. it reminds me of massive or r8

Upload Date: February 11 2014
Heart Throb

Sounds like a heartbeat with arp & latch tempo at 40 with 2 octaves playing. hit quickly and release a note to play a sweet bass drop, and hold the note for a quick thump.

Upload Date: February 11 2014
At Da Cluuuuuub

Step 1: Arp & Latch, and play 2 octaves. arp should be on UpDn2 & set the tempo at 40. bust out the smoke n lasers.

Step 2: ???????

Step 3: Profit.

Upload Date: February 11 2014
Heart Throb (Sound Effect)

This one sounds like a heart beat when you arp & latch 2 octaves together. held down the sound is short and thumpy but when pressed quickly and released, there is a nice slow bass drop that sounds nice. although there is a very small static follow up a few seconds later i can't seem to find the source for.

Upload Date: February 11 2014
58 single patches

ceej new single patches

my new patches (70-98) and previous set (99-127)

These patches are free to distribute and copy/modify and tweak.
Creative Commons works for me!

I have tried to name these reflecting the type of sound produced - if you have a better name, let me know!

70 - electric piano
71 - mid piano
72 - aftertouch lead
73 - another piano
74 - tuned drum
75 - vib bass
76 - buzz bass
77 - soft lead aftertouch
78 - puff lead
79 - crying
80 - percussive bass
81 - big percussive bass
82 - big buzz bass
83 - filter buzz bass
84 - square lead soft
85 - distortion bass
86 - deep distortion bass
87 - organ percussive bass
88 - filter aftertouch bass
89 - distortion lead
90 - fake piano lead
91 - mellow korg lead
92 - gritty deep lead
93 - gritty lead
94 - 1 osc lead
95 - percussive lead
96 - open roman bass
97 - reverse bass
98 - power bass
099 - tape lead
100 - growl echo bass
101 - growl bass
102 - mellow growl bass
103 - lead chorus
104 - chorus bass
105 - staccato bass
106 - quick lead
107 - afternote bass
108 - creepy S&H
109 - push lead
110 - wah lead
111 - simple tone
112 - classic lead
113 - overdrive organ
114 - simple afternote
115 - deep afternote
116 - overdrive hammond bass
117 - wah bass
118 - bend mod lead
119 - slipperman lead
120 - gladiator bass
121 - simple bass arp
122 - pattern bass play
123 - roman bass
124 - square lead
125 - deep wiggle bass
126 - quick note
127 - wah filter lead

Upload Date: January 30 2014